Apprenticeship with higher school certificate

Do you want to complete an apprenticeship but not give up the higher school certificate? That is possible. starlim//sterner offers two ways of attaining the higher school certificate while you complete your apprenticeship.

KTLA, apprenticeship with HTL (graduation from a secondary technical school)

You prefer to complete the HTL training course (graduation from a secondary technical school) in combination with an apprenticeship in one go? In that case choose the KTLA option.

KTLA stands for Kremstal technical teaching academy. It combines the advantages of an apprenticeship for metal technicians with the main module "tool making" with an HTL. The main difference to other training models combining an apprenticeship with a higher school certificate is that choosing this approach you graduate with a genuine higher school certificate. A further advantage over HTL is that practical training is integrated in the company. This combination can not be compared with straight school education. A positive side effect during this training: the apprenticeship compensation payment and the wages/salary payment can be claimed, offering a certain degree of financial independence.

Term: 5 years

Procedure of KTLA-training:

  • 1. year: 10 weeks block teaching (Steyr 1 vocational school)
    As of February, first apprentice year 2 days per week training in the Kirchdorf Technology and Innovation center (TIZ)
  • 2. year: no vocational school from the beginning of the second apprenticeship year on
    Two days of training per week at the TIZ Kirchdorf
  • 3. year: No vocational school during third year
    Two days of training per week at the TIZ Kirchdorf
  • 4. year: 5 weeks block teaching (Steyr vocational school)
    At the end of the vocational school 2 days per week training at the TIZ Kirchdorf
    At the end of the apprenticeship (3 1/2 years) sitting the apprenticeship examination
  • 5. year:five days of evening classes (HTL), higher school leaving certificate project, higher school leaving certificate


Required skills:

Apprenticeship with higher school certificate

You plan entering an apprenticeship, but do not want to forego a higher school certificate?
Why not enroll in our training course which includes the higher school certificate.

The apprenticeship with higher school certificate offers courses with the subjects of German, English, mathematics and a specialized technical course which runs concurrently with the apprenticeship courses.
Courses are offered by external educational bodies and are conducted together during the second apprenticeship year. After successful completion of all specialized subject courses you are ready for the higher school certificate. There are no extra costs involved for you, being an apprentice, because starlim//sterner will bear the costs.


Duration of training and progress:

As part of the apprenticeship training starlim//sterner offer English language courses.

You can study all the other subjects privately concurrently with your apprenticeship course, or afterwards. As apprentice or as qualified worker you have a total of five years time (reckoned from the completion of your apprenticeship) to attend lectures for the other three subjects and to graduate at no extra costs to you.

Apprenticeship with higher school certificate