Award winner

starlim//sterner is a great place to start

We asked our apprentices...

...and they decided: starlim//sterner is a great place to start. The new Great Place to Work® Certificate recognises regional companies who are dedicated to fostering the training and development of young people by officially awarding them with the title “Austria’s Best Training Company - recommended by apprentices”.

The apprentices at starlim//sterner were especially enthusiastic about their workplace. The outstanding working environment both encourages and supports young talent in their professional and personal development and team spirit is at the heart of the company - the teaching at starlim//sterner is something special. Great Place to Work® has now rewarded our extraordinary training with the silver certificate “Austria’s Best Training Company - recommended by apprentices”.

It’s well-known that the youth of today no longer base their job search purely on salary. Rather, applicants search for jobs where they’ll feel appreciated for their hard work and proud to be part of the company. Here at starlim//sterner, this is already a reality for our staff. 96% of those apprentices surveyed said they were treated as a valued employee. Likewise, almost every apprentice was satisfied within the company: “I feel as if I’m making a valuable contribution to the team here. I’m proud to be able to say I work here.” These feelings of company pride and team spirit are nurtured by holding various events for our apprentices, as well as including them in company celebrations. Team building events are extremely popular with our young people. Outdoor activities are lots of fun for everyone, making time for getting creative together outside the office.

“We are in the fortunate position of always being able to find enough apprentices to train. Our award from Great Place to Start is guaranteed to be an additional bonus for recruitment. According to the survey, our apprentices are extremely happy with their training here. This makes us proud and drives us to keep our training at a continually high level,", says trainer Reinhard Koch, expressing his excitement over the award.