FAQs on apprenticeship

The first day, the first month

The first day as an apprentice is quite a busy one. Following the official welcome by the apprentice's trainer formalities have to be completed. You will have your photograph taken and next, your employee ID card with a personal chip is made for you. You will receive your first set of work apparel and have your own locker. Following a safety brief there will be a comprehensive tour of the company, followed by a visit to your work place.

The first month

The first month is marked by having to get used to work life. We start off with first tasks in the apprentice workshop and enjoy our first theoretical lessons.

Right from the start you will attend an introductory seminar together with your first-year colleagues. You will acquaint yourself with our company philosophy and your training program, and you will have the opportunity to think about your personal aims for your training period. Then we will try together to realize your aims.

In the first month we offer a drive-safe training course on our company parking lot, to ensure that you arrive safely at your work place if you use your motor bike.


The first year

In your first year you get a first overview of your future profession. You work in the apprentice workshop and enjoy basic training for metal and plastics finishing, in mechatronics and electronics as well as in engineering. The design technician too will take part in basic training in the apprentice workshop. Only from the fourth month on does he receive software training in the design office. All participants will undergo CNC training.

From first year on in your apprenticeship you will work for the production department; that means you are working on a real product, and this is twice the fun.

During the course of your apprenticeship you will attend training sessions and seminars on many occasions. We begin already during your first year. Our aim is to train your social awareness together with your professional qualifications.

Bonus systems

starlim//sterner offers several ways to improve your financial situation. If you pursue your training ambitiously and with perseverance you will benefit from attractive premium payments and you may spend the apprentice-compensation bonus on things you cherish.

Premium account
Every apprentice will get his own premium account as soon as he starts training. Payments vary and depend on his success at school, the results of oral and written examination in the company or on the result of his concluding apprenticeship examination. These payments will be credited to his account. You may use that money to pay for your type-B driving license for example.

You might win these premium payments

  • Good performance at school, range of payments: € 350.00 to € 650.00 per annum
  • Good performance at final apprenticeship examination, premium: € 200.00
  • Excellent performance at final apprenticeship examination, premium: € 350.00

Payment of fees for your mobile phone
On top of all that we will bear the costs of your mobile phone fees for your first apprenticeship year and if your average marks are better than 2.0 we will do the same for your second year.

Professional competence

In our training center you will receive extensive professional expertise concerning your profession.
Thanks to the time-honored rotation principle which is practiced throughout the company, the training is 100% practice related.

40 years of experience with the training of apprentices
starlim//sterner has been training apprentices for the past 40 years and is a state-approved training center in accordance with § 30a of the training act. We endeavor to keep the standards for apprenticeship training high and aim for a steady improvement. We employ seven full-time trainers to look after the apprentices. Even starlim//sterner's teaching staff is regularly attending further training seminars. We are also investing in new training equipment on a regular basis.

Social competence & training

We do not only provide professional qualifications but we think it is essential to provide the trainees with "a range of tools" to cope with future challenges. We call this tool "social competence".

There is a whole string of seminars and training sessions where your will learn how to feel at home in groups, how to solve conflicts and how to steer projects. You will become more self-assured, you work independently and you will find your place within a group. We will also give you support in the following areas:

  •   How to arrive safely at your work place using a motor bike,
  •   How to avoid falling into the debt trap, and
  •   How to avoid succumbing to addiction

 Here is a list of seminars and training sessions during your apprenticeship

  • Introductory seminar
  • Seminar on the dangers of the debt trap
  • Seminar on preventing of addiction
  • Rhetorics seminar
  • Outdoor seminar
  • Dealing with conflicts seminar
  • Motor-bike driver-safety training