FAQs on applications

We are glad to have received your application for an apprenticeship vacancy with starling//sterner’s. To make sure nothing stands in the way of your career you should pay attention to a few things. We also want to give you some idea of what happens on your first day at work.

How to apply

Use our online application tool for your desired apprenticeship vacancy. We require the following documents for your application:

  • Letter of application
  • A hand-written personal data sheet with a photo of yourself (which may be scanned)
  • A copy/scan of your annual school certificate of class 3 of your secondary modern school or of seventh school grade.
  • A copy/scan of your fourth class leaving certificate of your secondary modern school or your annual school certificate of your last completed year at school.
  • A copy/scan of this year's current term certificate, if available.

Things we pay attention to in your application:

Your application documents should give us an impression of who you are.
We attach great importance to neatness, discipline and above all: completeness of your set of documents.

What happens after my application?

When we are in receipt of the complete set of your application documents we will invite you to one or several information days taking place here at starlim//sterner. You will feel what it means to be an apprentice with starlim//sterner and you get the chance to work in our apprentice workshop for two days.

First, we start off on a company tour, and after that, you may produce your own work piece. You may saw, file, make a work piece (that means transfer positions from your drawing onto the piece). In the end you will assemble everything and you will have your completed work piece.

What you should watch out for when you come to us to garner information:

  • You must wear work shoes with steel caps or at least sturdy footwear.
  • Work apparel such as jeans, a jacket with long sleeves without a hood and bands, a short-sleeved shirt and a work coat or boiler suit.
  • Bring along something to eat and drink and have some small change on you for the food vending machine.
  • If you wear long hair, tie it up for safety reasons.
  • Do not wear any decorations or adornments on this occasion.

Entrance examination

Take part in the entrance examination on the information day to convince us of your capabilities.
Questions center around topics such as general knowledge, mathematical skills, spatial sense, making free-hand drawings and the ability to think logically.

Informative meeting
Following your informative visit, your entrance examination and your pre-selection, we would also like to invite your parents or guardians to an information meeting. For us it is important to make the acquaintance of your parents because they will be important partners in your apprentice training.

Preliminary apprenticeship contract
In case of acceptance, starlim//sterner will conclude a preliminary apprenticeship contract. Congratulations! You have been accepted.

The relationship existing between apprentice-parents-company is considered by us as one unit in the vocational training. Your parents too must be informed of the details of your training course: This is why we organize the parent's evening four months ahead of the start of your apprenticeship to provide them with an information basis.

For more questions on your application you may contact our training staff. We are looking forward to your application.