Apprenticeship vacancy

Design engineer with a focus on tool making

Description: As a design engineer you cooperate closely with other technicians and with the project leader. Your work place is in the CAD office. Design engineers with a focus on tool making work in construction and production planning. Your job is to plan, design and make drawings for molds.

For the necessary calculations, simulations, drawings and technical documentation you will work with computers using professional software programs (e.g. CAD = Computer Aided Design).

Design engineers for tool making work in planning offices, workshops and production halls together with a group of specialized staff and assistants. The have contact with customers and suppliers.

Term: 4 years

Vocational school: 4 x 10 weeks block training course, Linz 3 vocational school in Linz/Austria.

Required skills:

  • Manual dexterity
  • An interest in technical things and a grasp of technical backgrounds
  • Mathematical skills and a logic way of thinking
  • Commitment
  • Freehand drawing skills
  • Good spatial imagination
  • Ability to work in a concentrated manner
  • Working precisely

After completion of this double apprenticeship you can work for us as:

  • Design engineer

This is an opportunity to complete an apprenticeship with higher school certificate

How to apply

We prefer you to make use of our on-line application tool for the desired apprenticeship vacancy. For a complete application we require the following documents from you:

  • Letter of application
  • A hand-written personal data sheet with a photo of yourself (which may be scanned)
  • A copy/scan of your annual school certificate of class 3 of your secondary modern school or of seventh school grade.
  • A copy/scan of your fourth class leaving certificate of your secondary modern school or your annual school certificate of your last completed year at school.
  • A copy/scan of this year's current term certificate, if available.

    Things we pay attention to in your application:

    Your application documents should give us an impression of who you are. We attach great importance to neatness, discipline and above all: completeness of your set of documents.

    Thank you very much.


    This apprenticeship is remunerated in accordance with the apprenticeship compensation regulations stipulated in the collective agreement for workers in the metal trade.