Things you must know

"Good morning"– "So long!" – "Please/you’re welcome" – "Thank you": We do really appreciate that.

Good manners are important to us and make life easier. Being with us you will soon notice that we appreciate orderliness and cleanliness. It is the done thing to pick up paper scrap, to shift back the chair, to remove the bread crumbs from your table.

Being an apprentice, you are already a part of our organization
You are not "just any apprentice", you are now part of our organization. We are all working together in order to deliver the perfect product to the customer. During your training you will be working on real projects. To you this should mean one thing: you share the same responsibility as the others for delivering good results.

Learning and Teaching
Although you have not yet completed your training you are encouraged to pass on to others your newly acquired knowledge. On our apprentice information day for example or on Girls‘ Day you show around and you explain visitors your company and tell them what it means to be an apprentice and work for starlim//sterner. You will also attend Children's Day of the Upper Austrian Industry