FAQs regarding job application

Who is starlim//sterner looking for?

starlim//sterner is looking for persons of different character, personages and cultural background who are prepared to accept responsibility. They must be solution-oriented and work together with others to promote the company's success.

How can I apply for a vacant position?

We prefer on-line applications. Use the on-line form to post the application to us. That is simple and convenient. Do not forget to specify the job you are applying for. That way we can allocate your documents and process them quickly. If there is no vacancy you may want to send us an unsolicited application in which you should inform us of your preferences.

If you do not have access to posting on-line application we will also take applications by mail. Send your documents to:
STARLIM Spritzguss GmbH, Personal Abteilung, 21 Muehl Strasse, Marchtrenk 4614 / Austria

As soon as we have any news on your application, we will contact you

How up to date are the job offers?

Our list of job vacancies is consistently updated on a daily basis. As soon as a position has been filled it is struck off our website.

What must be in my application documents?

We expect your application to be attractive and contain details on your motivation for wanting to join us. Also, we need your informative personal data sheet (in tabular form), that is completely and clearly structured.

A recent photo and copies of your certificates must also be included.

What is the application procedure?

Candidates are selected in a multi-stage selection process; we carefully check first for completeness of documents. The next step we take depends on the kind of position offered. An important element for us is the personal impression we get during a meeting, there will be personal talks on at least one occasion.

When to expect a first response?

Two to three weeks may elapse before you may receive a first response. Please be patient. We check your documents thoroughly and that takes time but we try to contact you as early as possible.

Do I have to meet certain requirements for my application?

Traineeship: HTL students: there is a minimum of 16 years at job entrance for HTL students.

University students: They must present their enrolment certificate for university or a tertiary college: Students at universities or tertiary colleges may conclude a traineeship that is relevant for their course of studies.
In this case we make suggestions for topics to be treated in coordination with the university/college.

Summer job work: Minimum age 16 years at the start of the job. For shift work the minimum age is 18 years at the start of the job.

What kind of collective agreements will be applied?

The collective agreements of the plastics processing trade and the metal trade.

If your particular question has not been mentioned here, simply post an e-mail to: We will contact you soon.