What is coming up?

There is always something going on at starlim//sterner’s. Working for us offers quite some variety in itself, but it does not end there. Our events and a range of other activities will suit any taste.

Runners from our staff are present on major running events and occupy top places at the Linz Marathon, Business Run in Wels or the Marchtrenk grand prix.
If you take part in the "Wishes-Ideas-Improvements" program you might even win a Fiat 500 car for one month.
Game, set and match with a starlim//sterner tennis subscription or at a tournament.
Following speedy down-hill runs on the track we enjoy the rest of the day in a cozy cabin.
Summer festivities
starlim//sterner invites you to a barbeque outing: Tasty dishes and good entertainment put a radiating smile on your face almost like the sun's.
Open day at the parent's work place
Children are allowed to get a taste of their parent's work in the company.
Child care suitcase
Do you have a new member in your family? Together with the new parents we are delighted and present you with a Child care -Starter packet.
Family hiking-day
Nature at its best. Children and adults walk together onto a family-friendly hill.
Doughnuts on mardi-gras, bunnies on Easter – sweets make people happy.
"A small chance may lead to something great"

-  (Demosthenes, Greek orator from ancient times)

Enjoy a personal X-mas gift from our CEO, Thomas Bruendl.
Christmas party
These festivities concluding the year are quite popular with the starlim//sterner staff.
Physical health
We offer free training for all sporting aces in our company gym, 365 days, all year round, in our gym.
Beach- Volleyball- Tournament
Once in a year the beach is set alight when starlim//sterner hold their tournament.
Well. Come Drink
Enjoy a tasty drink when the company introduces itself to new staff.
Family – Feast
Staff, family and friends enjoy a day together with games, fun, music and nice dinners.
St. Nicholas day
Every year St. Nicholas comes to see starlim//sterner children presenting them with gifts.
Team-building days
Joint activities foster co-operation and solidarity.
Long night of science