In unserem Newsportal finden Sie Neuigkeiten und Informationen rund um unser Unternehmen, unsere Produkte und neue Technologien. Informieren Sie sich gleich und staunen Sie über das aktuelle Geschehen beim größten Verarbeiter von Flüssig-Silikon weltweit.

In our news portal you will find news and information about our company, our products and new technologies. Find out more and be amazed at what is happening at the world's largest processor of liquid silicone.

A world leader in efficient injection moulding

The world’s largest liquid silicone processing company sees energy efficiency as a competitive Advantage
By pairing with starlim, the traditional toolmaking company sterner developed into the world’s largest processor of liquid silicone.

Austrian silicone injection molding hidden champion settles in Nantong Sutong Park

starlim is signing an investment contract with Nantong Sutong science and technology park, and is planning to build production plant in Asia-Pacific region.


Large liquid silicone components developed for innovative 3D printing

W2P Engineering is a development and engineering enterprise which specialises in 3D printers for medical applications. The auxiliary medical devices market is currently crying out for 3D printing solutions which need to be individually created for each patient.

Healing wounds with silicone

An enormous advance in wound healing has been achieved through an innovative new silicone dressing, under which cold plasma stimulates microcirculation and reduces bacteria on the skin.

starlim awarded with Corona Award

On Monday, 4th of November 2019
The Corona Awards were awarded in the voestalpine Stahlwelt to show which companies in Upper Austria are taking on social responsibility.


starlim welcomes 1.000 Employees in Austria

Already in 2014, the starlim group welcomed the 1,000 employees in the international company group. Only 5 years later, the toolmaker and silicon injection molding specialist from Marchtrenk exceeded the thousand mark at the Austrian location.

Best Quality Performance Award

Award 2018

starlim-sterner is awarded with the “BEST QUALITY PERFORMANCE AWARD”

As part of the TE AUTO CHINA SUPPLIER DAY 2018, Starlim Spritzguss GmbH was the only European company which received an important award.

Tag der offenen Tür starlim sterner

Long Night of Research 2018

More than 228,000 visitors throughout Austria

The Long Night of Research on Friday, April 13, 2018 breaks all records and once again proves to be a real crowd puller! 228,000 visitors were received throughout Austria, with more than 55,000 in Wels.

SNA Expansion

starlim North America is growing

Doubling 2.5 times

Despite the fact that the area ratio in Canada may be a bit different than in Austria – in terms of surface area, Canada is 119 times bigger than Austria – this expansion is also a big deal for Canada.

Logistik Foerdertechnik und Flaechen fuer Produktionsprozesse werden erweitert

Expanding across two continents

Investments are accelerated

The world needs silicon components. And around 14 billion of them – and counting – are produced by the starlim-sterner group every year.


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