40 years of apprenticeship training

Franz Sterner decided to take on the first apprentice in 1976, just two years after the company was founded. Since then, apprenticeship training has been an integral part of the company’s success. More than 200 apprentices have been trained in 10 occupations over the last 40 years. 54 of these are still employed at the company.

„I would send my child
there straight away. I
think the training is fantastic.“

Christian Rein,
Ex-apprentice and employee at starlim//sterner

2016 – we’re celebrating our anniversary

40 years of apprenticeship training – a superb anniversary.

What we are particularly delighted about: the second generation is starting here in autumn 2016 – Günter Loizenbauer, who completed his apprenticeship as a toolmaker here, is getting reinforcements in September 2016 with his own son Daniel.

2015 - The first female trainer

The number of female apprentices is continuously increasing, so the first female trainer was also brought on board in 2015. Eva-Maria Müller complements the previously male dominated team of trainers. 

2012 - The apprenticeship with “Matura” school leaving certificate is launched

An apprenticeship and the Matura can be perfectly combined at starlim//sterner since 2012. Besides the KTLA Matura, which has already been offered since 2006, it is now also possible to complete the apprenticeship with Matura in German, English, Math and one specialist subject.

2009 - The first female apprentices at the technology center

We set a major milestone in September 2009. The first two female apprentices are taken on for the dual technical apprenticeship to become a tool making technician/plastic mold maker

“We had never even considered taking on girls before. We didn’t have the right rooms, such as toilet facilities and changing rooms. There was one changing room for everyone and that was it,” our long-standing employee Wolfgang Witzany recalls how the topic of women in engineering was dealt with in the past.

2007 - The design engineer and production technician apprenticeships are launched

In 2007 two more apprenticeships are added to the training program: The design engineer (with focus on tool making) and the production technician apprenticeships are launched.

2005 – Our own apprenticeship workshop

The apprentices get their own rooms. We install our own apprenticeship workshop where roughly 12 apprentices are trained at that time.

2004 - First appearance at the Wels job fair

The Wels job fair is used for the first time to actively look for apprentices. Many more years follow at this job fair as it is a wonderful opportunity to talk directly to young people and their parents.  

2001 - The office administration apprenticeship is launched

The office administration is launched in 2001. Apprentices are not just going to be trained in the technical segment but in the commercial segment too. 

1995 – Apprentices get their own training area

We start with a separate area for apprenticeship training, also called the change department, which is integrated into tool making. The apprentices are actively used in the business and work on real projects.