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It is no coincidence that starlim//sterner chose Marchtrenk and Weisskirchen as their home base. These two towns have a lot to offer to their citizens.


These are the core values that are reflected in starlim//sterner's corporate governance. Working in Marchtrenk is very attractive because this area is very lively. A young city with an extensive range of activities for anyone keen to take up these opportunities.

It takes you about 8 minutes from the center of Marchtrenk to go to starlim//sterner's head office, and about 5 minutes to the production plant No. II in Weisskirchen,

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Marchtrenk is an attractive business location. This is convincingly shown in the city's image film campaign. We recommend having a look at it.

And finally: how does cabaret artist Michael Niavarani appreciate Marchtrenk? Some witty remarks made by this artist [on Marchtrenk]


Weisskirchen is home to starlim//sterner’s second production plant, we want to present this town to you here.

Weisskirchen is attractive residential community right in the center of Upper Austria. It is centrally located and exudes its rural charm and welcoming atmosphere. It is only 15 minutes away by car from the urban conglomeration of Linz and Wels.

From its center it takes you about 8 minutes to go to starlim//sterner's main plant at Marchtrenk and about 2 minutes to the production plant II in Weisskirchen.

Official homepage of the town of Weisskirchen