starlim//sterner is a climate alliance operation

starlim//sterner is one of the biggest employers in the region of Wels Land. With 730 employees in Marchtrenk and Weißkirchen, the company therefore not only has a great deal of social responsibility, but environmental awareness is also becoming increasingly present. Therefore, the company has recently become a partner of the climate alliance Upper Austria.

Acceptance process

You don’t become a climate alliance company overnight. Companies go through checks in stages, and must commit to a clear strategy. After determining the actual situation, and a climate protection consultation, the company determines measures for the next 3-5 years. If these measures are signed off by the climate alliance, then they are implemented, and you become a partner in the climate alliance Upper Austria. In order to ensure that these measures are really implemented and the targets are followed, the organisation checks the status quo in the company at regular intervals.

Slow and steady wins the race

As a large company in the Wels region and a global player in tool manufacturing and plastics processing, starlim//sterner has always continually made a contribution to climate protection. For example, the waste heat from the injection moulding machines and pressurised air systems is used for heating, and the injection moulding machines are cooled with well water and not refrigeration systems. Just recently, electrical filling stations for electric cars were installed on the company premises, for use by the visitors and employees. “We will continue to make our contribution to environmental protection in future and implement our measures step by step. Thereby, sustainability and an all-round view are important to us, whereby our actions must of course also be economically feasible“, says starlim//sterner Managing Director Thomas Bründl, about the set initiatives. 

Avoidance and preservation: Greenhouse gas and rainforest

The climate alliance is a global partnership for climate protection. It now links over 1600 communities in 20 countries in Europe with indigenous peoples in South America. The communal goals are the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in Europe and the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest. In Austria, the climate alliance encompasses communities, schools and nurseries, as well as companies.