starlim-sterner is a recognized partner for the automotive industry and supplies OEMs with silicone and compound parts. There is no longer any car on the road without a starlim-sterner product. Most of the times it is hidden away under the motor hood and is present in plug connectors as sealant. Without such starlim-sterner products the car would be subjected to electrical shortages. Moisture would enter inside and incapacitate the vehicle.

Production of silicone and multi-material parts for the automotive industry.

For the auto-industry we produce amongst other things

  • Sealing mats and collector seals
  • Seals for plug connectors
  • Highly transparent lenses
  • Radial seals
  • Single strand seals
  • O-rings
  • Protective tubes for spark plugs
  • Steering wheel switches with finished surfaces
  • Various customized solutions