For everyday use - visible or invisible. starlim//sterner makes components for the sanitary and household industry, for the tele-communication, the energy and the solar industry as well as the furniture industry. Silicone possesses self-cleaning properties, is resistant to hot water and suitable for drinking water:

Silicone is therefore ideally suited for industrial applications. Industrial components can also be produced from compound materials.

For the industry, process-controlled production run means safety that encompasses all activities ranging from the planning stage and tool making to the production. All individual steps are fully documented. This is the way to TQM (Total Quality Management).

For industrial use we produce amongst other things:

  • Spray formers for shower heads
  • Membranes for smartphone loudspeakers
  • Buttons & switch domes for door bells
  • Components for brake mechanisms in kitchen drawers
  • Optical components (lenses, optical fibers, …)
  • Seals for water-conducting parts
  • Bellows