What is coming up?

There is always something going on at Starlim North America. Working for us offers quite some variety in itself, but it does not end there. Our events and a range of other activities will suit any taste.

Helping others is of the upmost imortance to SNA. We are pleased to continuously donate to many causes in the area.
Summer BBQ
Starlim North Ameria invites you to our delicious monthly BBQ to celebrate the summer season.
Community involvement
At Starlim North America we believe in giving back to the community.
New family members
Bringing in a new family member is always an exciting time, and SNA is excited also! We are delighted to present you with a child care starter package.
Game Day
Come complete with other players to prove who is the best. Foosball and ping pong are the highlight games.
Coffee and Doughnut Wednesdays and cakes on birthdays and bring sweetness to the working life.
"A small chance may lead to something great"

-  (Demosthenes, Greek orator from ancient times)

Enjoy a personal X-mas gift from our CEO, Thomas Bruendl.
Christmas Party
These year-end festivities are always a fantastic time!
Summer Sports Day
Starlim North America loves sports so much, we dedicate a whole day to it.
Halloween is always a fun time. Come join us for our annual Halloween Spooktacular! Best dressed gets a prize.
Team building
Joint activities foster co-operation and solidarity