Silicone is in our veins.

Starlim North America products are ubiquitous: they are in your car, in baby soothers, kitchen drawers, visible or not, to name but a few examples. Starlim North America, the specialist for tools and for injection-molding produces small parts made from silicone using single or multi-material processes.

We concentrate on mass production. As an internationalgroup, active in Austria, Canada, China, Italy, Germany we produce more than 14 billion silicone parts per annum. Starlim North America is a contract manufacturer, B2B supplier and TIER-2 and TIER-3 supplier for the automotive industry and the world's largest processor of liquid silicone rubber.

Because this is what we are good at.

Starlim North america is still a family-owned enterprise. It is still led by the Austrian proprietors since the company's foundation back in 1974. A staff of 1100 now works in the group. We prefer long-term co-operations, regardless whether we speak of clients, suppliers or our own staff.

And vivid.

The very existence of our company is secured by continuous but controlled growth, long-term relationships with our partners and our progressive way of thinking. For the past four decades we have been working on improving those important criteria. You can read in our company's history about these important aspects.

Starlim North America produces silicone parts