History of the starlim//sterner group

starlim//sterner's company history began in the year 1974. The following decades saw continuous and steady progress. A metamorphosis took place whereby the small company from Marchtrenk became a world-class company in the field of processing liquid silicone.

"Silicone is running
through my veins“

Franz Sterner says,
the founder of starlim//sterner.

2015 – Beginning of co-operation with AMV

2015 is the year when AMV Networks was integrated into the starlim//sterner group of companies. 2016 AMV moved to the headquarter in Marchtrenk.

2014 – Knacken der 1000-Mitarbeiter-Marke
2014 – Breaking the 1000-staff mark

A particularly welcome message was received in November 2014 from our personnel department – In our international group we had passed the 1000 staff mark. Since 2010 the number of staff members has even doubled and this development is still rising steeply.

2012 – Eröffnung des Vertriebsbüros STC (PRC) Taicang
2012 – Opening of the STC (PRC) sales office in Taicang

In January 2012 the sales office in Taicang (People's Republic of China) was opened. For the time being we restrict ourselves to an office, in the medium term we are planning to build a storage hall and in the long term a factory. The Asian market promises to have great potential for starlim//sterner – car sales are rising and therefore the demand for silicone parts.

2010 – More than 200 injection-molding machines in Austria

The 200-machines mark has been surpassed. Since 2010 we produce on two Upper Austrian sites: Marchtrenk and Weisskirchen on more than 200 fully automatic injection-molding machines.

2008 – Weltwirtschaftskrise
2008 – World economic crisis

Many companies in 2008 were forced to make cutbacks, dismiss their staff or putting it on short-time work. That crisis did not fail to leave marks on starlim//sterner, but to a lesser extent than feared. We did not lay off any staff during this period but used this "extra time" to clean up our act.

Being an owner-operated family enterprise we enjoyed clear advantages. Long-term and progressive thinking prevented us from making parameter-based ad-hoc decisions. We were able to act strategically and in a staff-friendly manner.

2007 – Starting the co-operation with Audio Mobil Elektronik

Audio Mobil Elektronik is a supplier of systems to the automotive industry. starlim//sterner begins co-operating with this company which is located at Ranshofen near the city of Braunau / Austria.

2005 – Starting the co-operation with ATG

Expansion also takes place in Europe. starlim//sterner starts a further co-operation with the specialist company for rubber ATG s.r.l. in the Italian town of Castello d’Argile.


2001 – Starting co-operation with Silcos

In 2001 starlim//sterner entered into a co-operation with today’s partner company based in Reutlingen / Germany. Silcos GmbH (Silcos stands for Silicone, Coatings and Systems) specializes in surface finishing of plastic and silicone components and is an ideal complement within the starlim//sterner portfolio.

1997 – Fertigstellung des neuen Starlim Austria-Werkes
1997 – Completion of the new starlim Austria-Factory

Tool-making, together with the production under one roof require a lot of floor space; separate space for production being just a matter of time. Following the completion of the STARLIM building in 1997 we started production with three production bays and only three machines. "We shall never get these halls filled" said one of the former colleagues at the time, only to be convinced otherwise quite soon.

1984 – Gründung der Starlim Gummi- und Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH
1984 – Foundation of Starlim Gummi- und Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH

1984 – Foundation of Starlim Gummi- und Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH (today’s STARLIM Spritzguss GmbH).
An important milestone within starlim//sterner's history was achieved as early as 1987: Franz Sterner for the first time produced LSR-injection molding parts himself.

1974 starlim//sterner Gründung der Firma
1974 – Foundation of Franz Sterner GesmbH

Aged 24, Franz Sterner establishes the Franz Sterner GesmbH. He soon gained some prominence as contract manufacturer, making tools, handling and automation systems and rendering grinding service. Early on the trained tool maker still works in a garage, later on in his own factory. At that time the order situation is improving, mainly on the European market. Therefore, own premises become a necessity and the STERNER building is constructed.