Big player in silicone

Mass production in the hundreds of millions per customer, 14 billion small components per year, eight injection molding machines for one project - those are just some of the impressive figures brought to the table by starlim//sterner. The business is a big player in the market of silicone components and the world’s biggest processor of liquid silicone. 

If you’re a customer of starlim//sterner, you can expect big things. Large factories, large machines and an equally large amount of expertise. But: Small components. With its registered office in the Austrian town of Marchtrenk, the company specializes in both manufacturing small components from silicone, as well as multi-component injection molding. One, two or three components – anything is possible. There’s only one prerequisite: At least one component should be made from silicone. Injection molding machines manufacture products in enormous quantities. “We recently finalized a project with one of our customers which involved a year’s worth of components totaling 400 million,” explains Karl Großalber, head of sales. “We have eight injection molding machines working on one project.” As a contract manufacturer, starlim//sterner has a sharp focus on mass production. The international group manufactures 14 billion products per year - that’s equivalent to almost two small components per person - and it just keeps on rising. Production sites are located in Canada, Germany, Italy and Austria, not to mention they also have a sales office in China. Over 200 fully-automated injection molding machines operate in large, clean factory halls.

All-in-one solutions: Complete and seamless, all from one supplier

The lion’s share of the components that are produced go to the automotive industry, as well as the life sciences sector. But industrial applications also belong to their portfolio. Seals, valves, protective caps, surgical tools, dummies, jets - there’s no limits to what can be achieved. starlim//sterner currently produce around 1,100 different products. The in-house product development team assists customers in making their ideas become a reality, checking whether products will work in real life by using simulations before production goes ahead. “For example, we can show our customers whether their new seal will be 100% reliable in reality, taking into account all external factors such as pressure and temperature. In this way, we can make any changes before any sort of prototype is produced. This saves customers a lot of time and money,” explains Leopold Pühringer, head of starlim//sterner’s product development team, describing the advantages of the ‘Finite Element Simulation’.

“We follow the full-service provider principle,” explains Großalber. “From development, to design, to tool manufacture, to production and all the way to logistical solutions tailor-made to customer requirements - we can offer the full package. And if one of our customers wants to have a silicone component in a pale lavender-blue color and covered with stars, we have partner companies who can do just that,” Großalber explains with a smile.