There is no compromise

“We do not make compromises with the quality of our products,” says Karl Stadler, head of the QM department at starlim//sterner. “In one year we produce around 1 billion silicone parts for the life science industry. It doesn’t bear thinking about what the consequences would be if one of our products wasn’t absolutely perfect.”

starlim//sterner is a manufacturer of technical molded parts from liquid silicone. In the international group of companies headquartered in Austria, 14 billion silicone and multiple component products are injected each year. The products are used in various ways in medical engineering, e.g. as o-rings for dialysis filters, as valve systems for inhalation devices, as surgery aids in eye operations, as components for medical devices and also as seals for infusion systems.

Zero-defects philosophy
Quality and environmentalism start inside your head. “The zero-defects philosophy is a clear affirmation for our customers and guides all starlim//sterner employees in implementing their duties,” corroborates Stadler. Not just the quality management team but all starlim//sterner staff are constantly working on making every part perfect – including all of the processes which are part of the integrated management system.  

ppm rate < 1
Actions taken to avoid defects such as FMEA, a solid advanced quality planning and extensive process validation, a consistent process and production surveillance as well as stable processes with high CPK values give starlim//sterner the current ppm rate of < 1! We aim to lower the ppm rate thanks to a continuous improvement process. Globally integrated management systems in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, OHSAS-18001 and ISO/TS 16949 ensure that the zero-defects philosophy is implemented across the entire company organization.