Life Science

Starlim North America manufactures components for the life science industry. This includes everything that comes into contact with humans. Examples are: the medical industry, pharmaceutical industry, laboratory and diagnostics supply, infant articles industry, the food industry, cosmetics and much more. Our production facilities represent the state-of-the-art and our clean room guarantees an optimum of manufacturing quality. Cleanness, hygiene and controlled and stable processes.

Production of silicone and multi-material parts for the life science industry.

For the life science industry we produce amongst other things:

  • Metering valves for food packaging, such as ketchup bottles
  • Seals for infusion systems
  • O-rings for dialysis filters
  • Components for hearing aids
  • Tourniquets for blood sampling
  • Suckers for infant soothers
  • Nipple shields for mothers
  • Valves for inhalation appliances
  • Components for medical appliances