Properties of liquid silicone (LSR)

Liquid-silicone – the material processed by Starlim North America on over 200 injection molding machines is a multi-facetted material. Good properties and steady improvements allow for a big range of applications for liquid silicone. It has become an indispensible material for many components used in daily life.

A summary of the most salient features:

  • Shore A hardness ranging from 5 to 85
  • Seven standard colors are available, liquid silicone may be dyed at any color. starlim//sterner has defined seven standard colors from the whole range.
  • Temperature resistance: long-term (entire life-span of product) within the range from -50°C to 180°C and short interval 300°C (depending on the material: several hours).
  • Remains flexible at low temperatures. Liquid silicone remains elastic despite big differences in temperature
  • High level of extensibility (up to 1000%)
  • High tear resistance and high value of compression set
  • Good ozone and UV resistance which translates into good weathering properties and ageing resistance.
  • Low inflammability, flash point at 750° C
  • Odorless and neutral in taste: due to addition-curing silicone types deployed by starlim//sterner the material is odorless and neutral in taste.
  • Good di-electric properties
  • High optical transparency silicone types which are as transparent as glass, yet it has all the properties of silicone.

Types for the auto industry:

  • Resistant to organic solvents and mineral oils (e.g. fluorosilicones)
  • Oil-bleeding, self-oiling variants

Types for the Life Science-Industry:

  • Bio-compatibility in accordance with USP class VI/ISO 10993 for use in the medical and the food industry; FDA, amongst others.
  • Can be sterilized with ethylene oxide, steam, gamma rays and E-rays.
  • BfR (Federal German agency for risk assessment) - Certification for all bottle suckers and soothers of the child-care industry.

Special articles for industrial purposes:

  • Drinking water compatible materials (KTW, WRAS, W270, NSF61, ACS) for use in sanitary areas (shower heads, jet formers)
  • Electrically conductive materials (e.g. touch-screen controls – "stabilo" brand Smartball 2.0)


Due to its many advantageous properties liquid silicone can be used for many applications indoors and outdoors.
It is worth mentioning that silicone is physiologically inert, an important aspect. It has no negative influence on the human organism. Neither has it any negative influence on the eco-system. Apart from its uses for the auto industry it is widely deployed in such areas as cosmetics, medicine, pharmacy, the sport-products industry and in the building construction sector.

    Liquid silicone rubber is a multi-facetted material.