Product development

Computer tomography

Computer tomography (CT) is an imaging process in the field of radiology. Absorption profiles of an object from many directions are generated. This allows the structure of the volume to be reconstructed. On this structure analyses and measurements can be carried out just like on a 3D model.

Starlim North America deploys Computer tomography for customer support and for the development and quality control of our components.

  • Customer support: e.g. general analysis of parts, break-down analysis and comparison of parts.
  • Quality management: measurement of parts, fast OK/NOK analysis, analysis and measurement of complex structures.
  • Development: Break-down analysis, data processing for simulation, analysis of components (compound material amongst others), verification of developments.


Computer tomography gives you these advantages:

Metro-Tomography shortens development processes significantly, analyses quality during the manufacturing process and visualizes defects inside components in relation to the whole module in a short time. Everything can be represented visually by using diverse evaluation options. Explicit and easy to understand color-coded representations such as comparison of geometries or detailed first-sample test-protocols (comparison of the nominal/actual values by super-imposing design data). Using the same set of digital data for metro-tomography it is possible to visualize even such structures without any problem which hitherto necessitated the destruction of the component when traditional coordinate measuring systems were used.
Analysis of porosity or of damage, assembly, defect or material analysis, all that is made possible with the help of the 3D volume model.