Do you have a vision for a new product but no solution? Or, you are sure about the geometry of your product but need support for choosing the right material?

Then you will get what you need from the Starlim North America's product development department.

Starlim North America's R&D team possesses extensive knowledge of materials and the processing of silicone with a clear focus on the application and the challenges they pose. We work in close co-operation with our customers.
We start off with finding ideas together, continue to develop a list of specifications that are to be met and in the end we select the specifications for the material and the required geometries.

Following meaningful material and product tests conducted by our specialists we check the function of a component even before serial production takes place, a method that contributes significantly to the success of a product. The results from these standardized tests (according to DIN, ISO standards, etc.) serve as a basis. Combined with our thorough understanding of the matter this is transformed into a ready-to-use component under practical conditions.


Proceeding from a rough concept to a well-designed finished component – this is our design principle. When we start to develop your silicone parts we start from scratch – all we need is your catalog of specifications.

What we need to know:

  • What function must the part serve?
  • Where will it be installed or where does it have to fit in?

With your specifications and data we then create the final 3D design of your product which is used as a basis for simulation tests. Years of experience and countless development tests make us understand silicone material and its properties. Our application expertise is used in the design of the component and this way we produce for you the best product.

„Designing a product is designing a relationship.“

- Steve Rogers, Interaction Designer