Product development

Development lab

Starlim North America has its own development lab. That offers many advantages where you as our customer can benefit from in the development cycle of your product.

Our services:

  • Tests according to customer's specifications.
  • Chemical tests for evaluating product life etc., taking place in vented rooms with test furnaces.
  • Test appliance to analyze materials for the simulation
  • Lab tests on complete system assemblies for fault analysis
  • Making a lab prototype as a sample using "real material"
  • Co-operation with external test institutes. Mechanical finishing of complete system assemblies, amongst others, for fault analysis or preparation for examination.
  • Electrical Tests
  • Measuring tension relaxation
  • Tensile and compression set test
  • Force/displacement measurement up to 5 kN (non-contact measurement of elongation)
  • Leakage test, vacuum & over-pressure

Your advantages

  • Direct access to lab equipment during the development process (reduced waiting time)
  • Development, validation and verification is possible in the product development phase
  • Preliminary tests on silicone components possible with the first-produced parts
  • Examinations possible with particular attention to the sealing element
  • Equipment for the examination of elastomer components is available
  • Faster transfer of knowledge straight from the development lab. Material characteristics available in the development lab
  • Flexible response to your requirements, simple and fast