Product development


FEA, Finite Element Analysis or "simulation", used as a synonym, is a wide-spread modern computation method used in the field of engineering. It is a standard tool for the simulation of finished components. Here at Starlim North America it is a tool used for the development of products and components, in order to be able to virtually analyze the function of a silicone part already in its development stage. The topic of simulation is directly introduced into the product development process and is one of the main components in the design validation process of a virtual component. The emphasis here is on pre-fabricated components made of liquid silicone with its unique properties.

The Starlim North America portfolio with regards to FEA:

  • Complete in-house simulation is possible
  • Simulation of complete systems
  • Pre - and post-processing directly during product development
  • Material characteristics become available for simulation directly during the development of the product
  • Starlim North America's experience and data basis for silicone materials available for direct transfer into the simulation environment
  • Verification of simulation results in the development lab.

Your advantages are:

  • Analysis of de-molding process inside the injection tool (Emphasis on production)
  • Simulation of assembly details
  • Optimizing components, calculation of variants
  • Analysis of actual systems (e.g. instance of break down)
  • Analysis of silicone part during assembly
  • Analysis of leakage behavior
  • 2K analysis of leakage behavior for compound materials
  • Development of components, development of products/ development of components on a virtual model

Simulation of demolding

Simulation of assembly