Starlim North America produces single and two component parts made of silicone using fully automated injection molding processes. Production takes place on our sites in Canada (London/Ontario). In Canada we run more than 35 injection molding, compound and 2K machines and in the headquarter in Austria more than 200. We deploy ENGEL brand machines with a clamping force range of 40 to 300 metric tons. The machines run in shifts: 365 days/year, 24 h.

Micro-injection molding is a separate production unit. To meet special requirements of cleanliness/purity and hygiene Starlim North America has a clean room meeting the following standards: ISO 14644-1 class 7 & 8 and GMP class C and D.

Further processing of your products is possible. Several processing automats assemble, punch or slit the products according to customer's requirements.

The Starlim North America production environment represents the state of the art and is certified to meet industry standards. Using sophisticated metering systems developed by us, we organize the machine's material infeed under the machine itself. This ensures a controlled and clean production environment which is a prerequisite for uninterrupted materials management.

Metering systems for the silicone delivery.
Injection molding machine
Processing automats assemble, punch or slit the products.