Zero-fault philosophy

Starlim North America's work is process-related, thus eliminating sources of error wherever possible. The zero fault philosophy is a clear commitment to our customers and guides all Starlim North America workers who process their daily tasks.

Fault-avoiding approaches such as FMEA, advanced quality planning (APQP), consistent monitoring of production processes and stable processes with high CPK ratings currently result in a failure rate of < 1 ppm.
We envisage a further improvement of the ppm rate by continuously introducing improvements.

Certified management systems make sure that the zero-fault philosophy is realized throughout the group's entire organization. We will not rest on our laurels, but work continuously on the improvement of our products, our services and our performance.

If you want to send us commentaries, complaints or simply a few encouraging words, send them to this e-mail address: customer-service-sna[at]starlim[dot]com.



The zero fault philosophy is a clear commitment.